This Apple Certified course provides technical coordinators and entry-level system administrators with the skills, tools and knowledge to implement and maintain a Mac OS X Server-based system. When combined with the OSX Support Essentials 101, this Certification takes you to Apple Certified Technical Co-Ordinator (ACTC). Students will learn how to install and configure Mac OS X Server to provide network-based services, such as file sharing, email and printing. This course is suitable for help-desk specialists, technical coordinators and entry-level system administrators who implement and maintain networks using Mac OS X server.

Prior to attending this course, you should have:

  • An understanding of Mac OS X
  • Experience of Mac OS X in a network environment
  • Basic troubleshooting experience
Course Content:

  • Installation and configuration
  • Providing DNS service
  • Authentication, authorisation and access control
  • Open directory
  • File services
  • Mail service
  • Web service
  • Collaborative services
  • Deployment solutions
  • Managing accounts