CompTIA Courses

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, businesses rely heavily on information technology. In order to maintain and manage the technology now embedded no matter how large or small, an organisation needs skilled people to develop, deploy and maintain their computer systems. Global Technology Training provides those skills.

We are South Africa’s clear leader in IT technical training, across all vendors including Cisco and CompTIA. We provide authorised technical training on all leading technologies, supported by a strong complementary curriculum developed by GTT technical experts. All of our courses lead to a recognised accreditation, which serves as an acknowledged benchmark of abilities.

Why Get Certified?

Great, lucrative and family-sustaining IT jobs are out there, but the vast majority of candidates are not yet qualified. CompTIA certifications help to train and identify qualified, knowledgeable employees and match them with employers who have jobs to fill. And, employers know CompTIA. When you show up for a job interview with CompTIA credentials under your belt, that employer knows that you not only have the IT skills to do the job, but you also have a commitment to your career to continue learning.

If you’re interested in becoming certified, we’ll take you through the process from beginning to certification. We’ll give you options on how you can study for the exam and help you narrow down which training centers and study materials provide the best training resources. We will also help you purchase exam vouchers and find the training site nearest to you.