Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disasters are rare, but they are a reality. They can affect your critical data, your company’s revenue…and the trust of your customers.

Global Technology Training’s highly secure and fully redundant Disaster Recovery Solutions (DRS) ensure your company’s information is safe, duplicated and available immediately and at any time.

GTT includes a full-suite of services that get your business back up and running in no time:

  • Server Colocation
  • Data Replication
  • Shared or Dedicated Backup Storage Devices
  • Fully Redundant Optical Network Connectivity to Multiple Providers
  • Optical Connectivity
  • Dedicated Office Suites
  • Shared Office Space
  • Custom Designed Solutions and Planning


  • Fully conditioned Datacenter space with adjacent office suites
  • Dedicated UPS & Battery Farm
  • On-site dedicated backup diesel generator
  • 24/7 secure site access, and video surveillance
  • Redundant Internet Connectivity

Disaster Recovery Solutions