E-Border Management System

Services available at GTT for e-Border Management System:

Data Collection

This system will involve the collection of vast amounts of information on all travellers, including travel itineraries, methods of payment, menu choices and seating preferences, and all travels around the world.

This service will help towards performing risk assessments on passengers planning to enter or leave the country and utilising new developments in technology which allow the swift and secure transfer of data, e-Borders will, in effect, export the border and provide more effective levels of border control and deliver faster processing and greater flexibility in control operations.

Data Profiling

The data that is collected will be used to make decisions regarding all travellers, based on ‘intelligence-led policing’ to decide who is worthy of further scrutiny.

Biometrics Capture

Although implementation of this system is quite costly, it is available for implementation for those requiring it.

E-Border Management System