IT-based education, also known as the E-Education, is undergoing rapid development, especially in the area of basic education. Traditional school organizations are transforming into region-based, resource-sharing enterprises. This centralization of teaching operations is expected to solve many of the problems associated with traditional education models, such as operations inefficiency, duplicate investment, education resource segmentation, and decentralized administration. When high-quality education resources are converged within a region, educators can work together through comprehensive sharing, collaboration, and communications to make significant improvements to the quality of education services.

GTT’s E-Education solution integrates education resources into a unified cloud system where data-intensive digital education resources, such as digital teaching materials, teaching videos, e-books, and demonstration videos, are available as needed throughout the region. The high-speed, reliable network enables teachers and students to access and use a multitude of education resources in the cloud system.


The extensive solutions offered by GTT for implementation and operation of an E-Education platform:

  • Regional education service platform solution
  • Regional education data center solution
  • Education MAN solution
  • Digital school network solution
  • A service platform based on cloud architecture provides flexible resource distribution for resource utilization gains of 75% or higher.
  • The system automatically balances the load of servers and service systems, ensuring optimal response times.
  • Comprehensive, web-based maintenance tools enable efficient system management and maintenance.
  • High security and scalability