Global Technology Training offers a broad portfolio of integrated IT solutions and consulting services for the health enterprise. Our highly adaptable solutions have been developed in order to meet both the clinical and business objectives of your organization. And our consulting and IT services are designed to help you maximize your healthcare IT investment.

GTT helps you do more than manage the data. They help your organization manage information to make healthcare more patient-centric, accessible and transparent. Delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time, can help to improve the delivery of healthcare services and make processes more efficient. It’s what we call transforming information into intelligence.

GTT supports integrated, cross-enterprise healthcare networks by providing medical information to authorized health professionals when and where it is needed. Enabling care providers on-demand access to health data not only helps save valuable time, it can also help improve the quality of patient treatment.

Features and benefits of building your e-health platform with GTT:

      • Supports cooperative care processes

The cross-enterprise care processes enabled by GTT help raise the quality of treatment, help improve patient safety, and leverage potential cost savings, for example, by avoiding unnecessary examinations.

      • Highly scalable and secure

The system will be designed to network several healthcare providers in a region (“virtual electronic patient records”) and also allow nationwide connection of healthcare providers and electronic health records for millions of citizens.