Our e-Judiciary solution offers enhanced functionality for judicial users to conveniently perform:

1. Case Management

Electronic tracking enables judicial users to proactively track cases by critical milestones and system alerts. Content management is an integral part of the e-Judiciary system, providing the capability to electronically store and manage case documents.

2. Hearing Management

Our hearing Management feature provides a reliable and convenient way for judicial users to schedule hearing. Our automated scheduling function simplifies the process by checking the availability of resources like Court Room and Judges’ quota before making optimal recommendations.

3. E-Services Delivery

We can implement legal e-Services portal to enhance interaction through greater efficiency and convenience with legal practitioners having access to these e-Services:

  • Electronic Filling – Online filing of court documents with the judiciary
  • Electronic extract – Online request to extract official records from the courts
  • E-Notary – Authenticate digital and digitized documents online safely

4. Practice and Office Management

Tools for legal practitioners:

  • Online Case Management – An online case repository that can be integrated with e-Filing services, enabling seamless filing of case documents with the Court
  • E-calendar – An online calendaring system for lawyers to synchronize their schedules with the Judiciary’s hearing system
  • Billing/Accounting – Fees incurred during the course of interaction with the Courts can be consolidated in the case file