Small Office Network

There are many benefits for creating and utilizing a network such as file sharing, increased productivity, resources, shared Internet services and wireless access.

There are three main stages of a network installation:

1. Planning

The most important stage in installing and using a network is the planning. From the type of connection used through to the way the network is used, the planning is a key element. Developing the correct knowledge and the right practices when installing the network can save time in the future when trouble shooting problems. Shared Internet resources and office resources e.g. printers can dramatically reduce the running costs of an organisation.

2. Physical Installation

This stage requires a lot of thought since employing the correct technology is essential for the networks smooth operation. There are many devices available advertising many features, but come at a high price. Correct choices need to be made depending on different factors such as budget etc.

3. Configuration

Once the network has been physically connected the devices need to know where each other are and the language they need to speak to communicate with each other, The network standard language uses a protocol called TCP/IP. This allows the computers to convert the data into a language that can be transferred easily and quickly by slicing the data into bite sized chunks called Packets.

Let GTT help you set up your Small Office Network using our expertise in the networking field.

Small Office Network