Global Technology Training (GTT) is an experienced and aggressive player in the EMEA Market for ICT Training and Support. We believe that through history it has been established that ICT evolves faster than people, such that, we need to adapt to what ICT can offer. Hence, the market always needs to have new players with innovative ideas, skills in latest technologies and those having the sense of understanding, adapting and delivering up to the needs and expectations within time; hence does GTT.

We bring to Africa a more intrusive and proactive approach to NOT JUST Listen to the needs of the client, but advise the client about all the possibilities so that we deliver the most productive solution for the best value for money.


We assist our customers to identify the right training to help their team to acquire the right technological knowledge and skills to help in improving productivity and hence, help the business to grow more profitable. We deliver Instructor led classes in our classes as well as at customer’s site, due to our mobile training kits.


In the business world of today, our customers need their businesses to stay connected and can’t tolerate downtime, which costs a lot in terms of overheads and provokes heavy losses.

GTT is here to assist its customers to minimize downtime by ensuring rapid 24/7 intervention and to even prevent downtime. “Prevention is better that cure”