Video Over IP Surveillance

Older analog video surveillance systems are giving way to the use of network Internet Protocol (IP)-based video. Advancements in IP video surveillance and network technology have transformed the physical security arena.

Companies are leveraging prior network and application investments to achieve efficiencies in video security. Intelligence capabilities are moving to network cameras, allowing IP video surveillance systems to scale more easily than older analog systems. Such change has led to a need for integration between a company’s physical security and IT teams.

How Will IP Video Surveillance Benefit My Business?
Safeguarding employees and your data is critical. IP video surveillance can help: Deter malicious actions
Provide an untarnished visual and audio documentation of events
Capture evidence for legal action
Secure your company’s assets and inventory

What Comprises an IP Video Surveillance Solution?
An effective IP video surveillance solution consists of the following components:

  • IP Video Cameras
  • Management Software
  • Storage Device
Video Over IP Surveillance